Technic details


Using modern technology according to the European standards, TAF 2012 G-6C made by IRUM is the newest machinery designed at our Research and Development Center, characterized by high performance, efficiency and comfort, designed for emerging markets, which are not emission-regulated. Its high-performance PERKINS engine, modern power steering system or PowerShift gearbox are some of the high-quality components integrated by IRUM in the new machinery TAF 2012 G-6C.
The high operating performance of this machinery are ensured by its 6-cylinder engine, which is 40 HP more powerful than the previous one, the grapple and its arm, which replaces the mobile bumper of the previous model. This allows carrying logs at a higher distance to the ground, thus decreasing their ground contact area, which increases the efficiency of the machinery, decreases its fuel consumption and enhances its lifecycle.
The maneuverability of the new TAF 2012 G-6C is also much improved by increasing its grip resulted from the reduction of the ground contact of the load.
Arguably the most important component of the machinery, the engine of a TAF unit must be adapted to extreme operating conditions, using lower-quality fuel, but it must be reliable, easy to maintain and economical at the same time. Precisely for these reasons we chose the experience and skill of PERKINS, the worldwide leader of Diesel engines for agricultural and industrial applications. The model 1106D-70TA used in TAF 2012 G-6C yields 153 HP and is part of a more permissive range of the manufacturer, regarding emissions. The engine is connected to a 4-speed synchronized PowerShift gearbox. The machinery also has axles with oil-immersed multi-disk brakes and lock differential, a hydraulic winch of 2×14 tons, air conditioning, as well as a joystick-controlled grapple.
Other strengths of the machinery are its exceptional comfort and fittings. From its adjustable driver’s chair, with air cushions and heated seat and backrest, to its load monitoring video camera, TAF 2012 G- 6C makes it easier for you to perform tasks and enhances your comfort while performing them, and it’s very good thermal and sound insulation offers you a work station that is well-protected in any season. The cabin of the machinery, besides increased robustness and ROPS, FOPS and OPS certification, is foldable 45° to the right in order to facilitate service and maintenance works in places that are more difficult to reach, and the placement of the controls was improved and offers enhanced ergonomics and operating comfort.
The new TAF 2012 G-6C made by IRUM is a Romanian forestry machinery that offers performance at Western Europe standards, with remarkable state-of-the-art technology, efficiency and comfort.

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