Technical details

PINOCCHIO is the basic model in the range of MASCHIO GASPARDO scarifiers. Designed for tractors from 70 to 130 hp, it is ideal for medium and small specialist farms.

The deep cutting of the soil allows better infiltration of water to the deep layers (resulting in the reduction of water stagnation) and the improvement of all physical properties of the soil (especially porosity). Thanks to the special inclination of the anchors, it is possible to reduce traction forces during work, significantly reducing diesel consumption.

The mechanically or hydraulically adjustable twin spike roller allows for excellent soil finishing and incorporation of crop residue, keeping soil fertility high.

The counter-rotation of the spikes means clods of earth on the surface are broken up, facilitating subsequent finishing operations. None of which involves putting extra strain on the tractor.

When the maximum load is exceeded, breaking the bolt allows the tine to rise, preventing possible damage to tine and frame.

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