Technical details

Fixed chamber round baler with bars

A robust compression chamber with steel bars distinguishes the ENTRY model as a fixed round baler with high collection versatility and excellent operating capacity. The chamber consists of a lifting system with catenary and continuous bars, with adjustable pressure up to 140 bar.

These are the characteristics that distinguish it:

  • Perfect for hay, straw and silage;
  • Constant rotation of the bale;
  • Well formed and heavy bales;
  • Low power absorption;
  • Low weight;
  • Binding with net or with twine and net;
  • Low maintenance and long life.

Automatic release system of the catenary motion

When the door is opened, the motion of the catenary is interrupted by a motion release mechanism. This system, safeguarding the transmission and the catenary, guarantees long  life to the machine, also respecting the bale during the unloading phase.

Front deflector rake

ENTRY is equipped with a windrow press rake capable of compressing and conveying the product towards the feeder ensuring a regular and uniform flow which together with the augers guarantees a perfect shape and density to the bale.

Feeding auger

Through the use of two lateral augers, the forage collected by the wide pick-up is conveyed to the feeder in order to obtain compact bales even at the edges. This favours its handling and storage.

Automatic chain oiling

The round baler is equipped with an automatic chain oiling system. It comes into operation each time the door is closed, by the movement of a mechanical pump. The reinforced chains with 1 ”pitch guarantee resistance and maximum strength for a machine that is always performing.

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