Technical details

The rotor speed increases to 352 rpm, making the DELFINO SUPER effective even on medium-textured soils or in the presence of residues

The rotor shafts are spaced 25 cm apart. The 4 rotors per meter ensure excellent seed bed preparation even on hard and clay soils.

The special position of the rotors with diversified angles allows gradual penetration into the soil, reducing the absorbed power, consumption and vibrations transmitted to the tractor. The result is longer component life and less maintenance.

Robust and compact
The robust frame for coupling with the tractor, cushioned side protections, roll depth adjustment by bolts and the characteristic shape of the teeth ensure a constant loosening of the soil over time, with a superior resistance of the machine.

Quality at the highest MASCHIO levels
The transmission and working bodies are made of high-quality materials and by automated and high-precision manufacturing processes. The toothed rotor shafts are turned by a single forged piece of high strength steel.

The teeth are forged from hardened boron steel and processed in lines with a high level of automation. Their profile is specially designed to maximize soil loosening in all conditions.

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