Technical details

ATILLA is an ideal scarifier for medium power tractors.
It allows the processing of the first 50 cm of the soil without any inversion of the layers. Due to the special angle of penetration, the anchors go progressively into the ground, requiring a lower power tractor and reducing the stress on the dial.

The frame houses the 30mm-thick tines with welded mounts (CSS) designed to work down to a depth of up to 50 cm. Maintaining a forward speed of 9-10 km/h, the machine can cover large areas of ground in less time. The generous under-frame clearance and good weight distribution ensure the machine can work deep into the ground even when dealing with a lot of residue or hard soil.

The rollers ensure good seedbed finishing and, at the same time, are design to compact the soil loosened by the tines, limiting water evaporation from the surface layers. The new twin spade roller is available for loose soil, while the classic twin spike roller is recommended on tough ground and soil with a wealth of residue.

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