Technical details


At the IFOR Research Center, our engineers designed the FPU500 cable cableway with hydrostatic transmission. Reliability was increased by tilting the trolley and replacing the mechanical transmission with hydrostatic transmission. This ensures the continuous variation of the transmission ratio to ensure the optimum torque-to-wheel balance. The control of the drums is accomplished by means of a joystick with an axle which ensures the rotation in one direction or the other of the drum, having a transmission ratio proportional to the angle of the lever printed. The joystick also features a button that lowers the lever sensitivity, ensuring greater control accuracy in the low speed and high torque range.
The FPU500H can also be used in some primary platforms, warehouses, sorting and pre-industrial woodworking centers, construction sites as a very versatile machine.


  • continuous variation of pulling speed
  • noise reducion by replacing the transmission of the gearbox and inverter with the hydraulic transmission (much quieter).
  • reducing shocks when changing the cable pulling direction

  • pump capacity: 28 cm3
  • hydromotor capacity: 110 cm3
  • maximum torque: 2700 Nm
  • maximum pressure: 415 bar

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